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We serves as purveyor to the Tsurugaoka Hchimangu,Daihonzan Kencho-ji and Daihonzan Komyou-ji.
Especially,We undertake to cook an ancient Buddhist vegetarian meal for Daihonzan Kencho-ji(The top of the five great Rinzai temple of Kamakura)

You can see many valuable paintings,works of poettery and calligraphy for which our founder got an edge are exhibited inside the restaurant.
All table seats on the first floor is accessible to everyone.

There are 4 tipes of private rooms which you can be used according to the number of people on second floor.
Please use our restaurant anytime you cereblate seasonal events or celabration , etc.


Kaiseki Cuisine

  • Snow Selection

    8,800 yen (Tax included)

    Aperitif/Hors d'oeuvre(1)/Hors d'oeuvre(2)/Clear soup/Sashimi/Boiled dish/Grilled dish/Fried dish/Rice/Miso soup/Pickles/Dessert

  • Moon Selection

    13,200 yen (Tax included)

    Aperitif/Hors d'oeuvre(1)/Hors d'oeuvre(2)/Clear soup/Sashimi/Boiled dish/Hors d'oeuvre(3)/Grilled dish/Hors d'oeuvre(4)/Fried dish/Rice/Miso soup/Pickles/Dessert

  • Hayama Beef "Shabu-Shabu"Kaiseki

    13,200 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre(1)/Hors d'oeuvre(2)/Clear soup/Sashimi/Boiled dish/Grilled dish/Hayama Beef /Vegetables/Rice/Pickles/Dessert

  • Hayama Beef "Sukiyaki"Kaiseki

    13,200 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre(1)/Hors d'oeuvre(2)/Clear soup/Sashimi/Boiled dish/Grilled dish/Hayama Beef Sukiyaki/Vegetables/Rice/Pickles/Dessert

Japanese Dishes

  • 懐石弁当『寿』

    Kaiseki Luncheon KOTOBUKI

    4,620 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Sashimi/ Boiled-dish/Side dish/ Fried dish/ Sushi/ Clear soup/ Dessert

  • 鎌倉五山

    Kamakura Gozan

    4,950 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Sashimi/ Boiled dish/Vinegared dish/Roast beef/Steamed egg custard/Grilled dish/Fried dish/ Rice/Miso soup/Pickles

  • 鎌倉弁当

    Kamakura Luncheon

    3,630 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Sashimi/
    Boiled dish/Tenpura/Rice/
    Clear soup/Pickles

  • 京弁当

    Kyo Luncheon

    2,750 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Sashimi/
    Boiled dish/Vinegard dish/Grilled dish/
    Tenpura/Rice/Clear soup/Pickles

  • 黒毛和牛すきやき御膳

    Kuroge beef Sukiyaki Dinner

    4,620 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/ Kuroge beef Sukiyaki/ Rice /Pickles/Dessert

  • 葉山牛すきやき御膳

    Hayama beef Sukiyaki Dinner

    5,500 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/ Hayama beef Sukiyaki/ Rice /Pickles/Dessert

  • 国産鰻御膳

    Domestic broiled eel Dinner

    4,400 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Domestic broiled eel over rice/ Clear soup/Pikles

  • 天ぷら膳

    Tenpura Set Dinner

    3,000 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Boiled dish/Steamed Egg Custard/Grilled dish/Tenpura/ Rice/Clear soup/Pickles

  • お刺身膳

    Sashimi Set Dinner

    3,800 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Sashimi/ Boiled dish/Steamed egg custard/ GriIIed dish/Rice/ Clear soup/Pickles


  • Japanese Beef "Shabu-Shabu"

    6,050 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Japanese beef /Vegetables/Rice/Pickles/Dessert

  • Japanese Beef "Shabu-Shabu"Course

    7,150 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Sashimi/Japanese beef /Vegetables/Rice/Pickles/Dessert

  • Hayama Beef "Shabu-Shabu"

    7,480 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Hayama beef/Vegetables/Rice/Pickles/Dessert

  • Hayama Beef "Shabu-Shabu"Course

    8,580 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Sashimi/Hayama beef /Vegetables/Rice/Pickles/Dessert

Steak Set Dinner

  • Beef Fillet Steak Set Dinner

    5,500 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Salad/Steamed vegetable/Beef fillet steak/Rice/Miso soup/Pickles/Dessert

  • HayamaBeef Fillet Steak Set Dinner

    7,700 yen (Tax included)

    Hors d'oeuvre/Salad/Steamed vegetable/Hayama beef fillet steak/Rice/Miso soup/ Pickles/Dessert

One Plate Cuisine

  • Tuna sashimi

    3 Type 1,650 yen (Tax included)
    5 Type 2,750 yen(Tax included)

  • Simmered head of sea bream

    1,100 yen (Tax included)

  • Egg roll plate

    770 yen (Tax included)

  • Deep fried delicacies plate(Tenpura)

    1,320 yen (Tax included)

  • Sesame bean curd

    550 yen (Tax included)

  • Steamed egg custard

    770 yen (Tax included)

  • 鮭の味噌漬け焼き

    990 yen (Tax included)

  • Black soybeans plate

    880 yen (Tax included)

  • Bowl of red miso soup

    550 yen (Tax included)

  • Combination salad plate

    550 yen (Tax included)

  • Roast beef salad

    1,650 yen (Tax included)

  • Rice set

    660 yen (Tax included)

Lunch Menu

  • 旬彩

    Mini kaiseki Shunsai

    3,300 yen (Tax included)

  • 手毬そば

    【only on weekdays】Temari soba

    2,200 yen (Tax included)

  • 建長汁御膳

    【only on weekdays】Kenchin soup Lunch

    1,980 yen (Tax included)

  • 鎌倉小箱

    【only on weekdays】Kamakura kobako

    1,980 yen (Tax included)
    With Tempura 2,640 yen (Tax included)

  • 特選焼肉重

    【only on weekdays】Deluxe yakiniku over rice

    2,530 yen (Tax included)

  • 天重

    【only on weekdays】Tenpura over rice

    1,980 yen (Tax included)



  • Melon

    1,100 yen (Tax included)

  • Ice cream

    440 yen (Tax included)

  • Shaerbet

    440 yen (Tax included)

  • Dessert

    770 yen (Tax included)

Kids Menu

  • お子様プレート

    Children`s plate

    1,650 yen (Tax included)

  • お子様弁当(前日までの要予約)

    Lunch box for children (Reservation required by the day before)

    2,200 yen (Tax included)

Special dishes Kamakakura Jidaishoku
(Kamakura Era food)

  • The set meal of Kamakura Jidaishoku

    8,800 yen (Tax included)

    -Think about for Kamakura period- Reproduce of the meals for Samurai that was eaten on celebrative occasions. Details in the pamphlet (PDF)

[information about using a private room]
・private room charge applies ¥3,300